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Must-Have Apps for Pokemon Card Collectors

Best Apps for Pokemon Card Collectors (1)
Best Apps for Pokemon Card Collectors (1)

Pokemon Card Collecting is becoming more and more popular among people. Many users around the globe, putting effort into completing their Pokemon cards collection. If you also get into this hobby. This is a very long journey, because it may take much longer time, than your anticipation.

Don’t waste your time as others did. We are here to help in completing your Pokemon cards collection. You can use these Pokemon Card Collecting apps. These apps will assist you in completing your pokemon collection. So let us introduce the Best list of Must-Have apps for Pokemon Card Collectors.

Best Apps for Pokemon Card Collectors

App NamePricingGoogle Play StoreApp Store – IOS
PokeCollector$0 – FreeDownloadDownload
Poke TCG Scanner$0 – FreeDownloadDownload
Pokemon TCG Card Dex$0 – FreeDownloadDownload
PokeCardex$0 – FreeDownloadDownload
TCG Hub$0 – FreeDownloadDownload
Pocket Prices$0 – FreeDownloadDownload
Pokedex$0 – FreeDownloadDownload

1. PokeCollector – Manage TCG Card Collection


Pokecollector makes your TCG Card collection management one step higher, it helps you to find the best list of Pokemon cards in terms of price. PokeCollector database contains all the cards, that a Pokemon Card Collector thinks of, in both English & Japanese language.

Make sure to check this app, it really assists you in managing your Pokemon card collection. This app is available for Android, IOS, and iPadOS.

2. TCGPlayer – Best App for Scanning Pokemon Cards

TCGPLAYER - best apps for Pokemon Card Collectors

TCGPlayer is not just an app for scanning Pokemon cards. It’s a complete store, for selling and buying all types of Pokemon Cards online. This app is widely used by Pokemon card collectors and pretty famous among them.

This app also provides you with some additional features, like filtering prices by Low, Mid, and Direct Low from the market directly. When it comes to scanning cards, it uses powerful image recognition (OCR) software to enable users to scan Pokemon cards by just using their smartphone cameras.

3. Poke TCG Scanner – Organize Pokemon Cards

Poke TCG Scanner - best apps for Pokemon Card Collectors

Poke TCG Scanner, is one of the most popular Pokemon card scanner apps right there. It not only keeps track of your Pokemon card prices but also organizes your Pokemon card inventory.

Poke TCG Scanner allows users to create folders and organize their cards very well. So make sure to check and give this app a try.

4. Pokemon TCG Card Dex – Track Pokemon Card Prices

Pokemon TCG Card Dex - best apps for Pokemon Card Collectors

Pokemon TCG Card Dex is also a quite popular app for tracking records of Pokemon Card prices. This app is on the market since the release of PokemonTCG. It offers promo codes, image recognization features, and some other Pokemon-related features.

5. PokeCardex – Pokemon Card Trading

PokeCardex - best apps for Pokemon Card Collectors

PokeCardex is the only app, that ranked No.1 on the pokemon Card Trading website. Like others, this app allows you to manage, organize and assist you in completing your Pokemon Card Collection. This app contains +15,000 Pokemon cards, from oldest to newest one.

Last, but not least it also offers promo codes.

6. TCG Hub – Sync Pokemon Cards on Cloud

TCG Hub - best apps for Pokemon Card Collectors

TCG Hub is another app, that shares the same features as Poke TCG Scanner. This app lets you quickly scan and check the price of Pokemon Cards. This app also lets you sync your Pokemon Card Collection in Cloud.

You can also compare card prices, trade cards with other users, and much much more. The UI is good, has no ads, and is simple to use. What are you waiting for, go and install this app and start using it right now? In my opinion, this is the best app on this list.

7. Pocket Prices – Best Pokemon Card Pricing app

Pocket Prices - best apps for Pokemon Card Collectors

Pocket Prices, as the name suggests, it calculates all of your Pokemon card prices. The reason behind not putting this app, on the upper list is because, it is still in beta state and lacks necessary features.

8. Pokedex – Pokemon Card Details

Pokedex - best apps for Pokemon Card Collectors

Pokedex is also known as a dataset. This app provides the details of every single Pokemon card in a very beautiful and straightforward manner. This app is available in multi languages. As this app is new, it cannot compete with the other apps right there.

But this app is consistently putting effort and trying to compete with others Pokemon card apps right there. So give this app a shot.

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