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How to Unblock Fiewin Account: Fiewin Account Blocked Fix?

How to Unblock Fiewin Account
How to Unblock Fiewin Account

Everything going to plan you are earning money by playing games and completing tasks on the Fiwin game. And suddenly, from nowhere an issue comes, saying your Fiewin account is blocked. That’s not what you anticipated. So, what just happened, how can you unblock Fiewin account? How you can fix the issue?

I know it’s so frustrating to see your account blocked when there is real money to withdraw from your Fiewin account.

Don’t worry, I am here to help you. In this guide, we will see how can we unblock Fiewin account, and how to fix the Fiewin account blocked issue.

What is Fiewin?

Fiewin is a real money-making app, which pays you real money for playing games and completing in-game tasks. Fiewin game app is specially designed for the Indian region, but you can also use the Fiewin game app outside the Indian region.

To get started with Fiewin, just download and install the Fiewin app on your Android device, unfortunately, Fiewin is not available for iOS devices. After installing the Fiewin app, create an account on the Fiewin app. And start earning.

Why My Fiewin account is Blocked?

If you wonder, why your Fiewin account is blocked. Here’s a brief explanation of that. Fiewin can block your account for many reasons. The reasons may not be specific for everyone. However, some main reasons are multiple Fiewin accounts, policy violations, identity verification issues, and suspicious activity.

But if you don’t violate any of the above, then you have the right to unblock your Fiewin account. If you are sure your Fiewin account is blocked by mistake, then you can appeal to unblock your Fiewin account.

How to Unblock Fiewin Account?

To unblock Fiewin account, you have to send them a request regarding your Fiewin account along with your Fiewin registered mobile number. You can either use Fiewin’s email support or the Fiewin Help Center to reach out to them and tell them about your issue and request them. But unfortunately, Fiewin closed its Help Center. But Fiewin’s email support is still running.

How to Unblock Fiewin Account Through Email Support?

Follow these instructions to unblock Fiewin account via Fiewin Email Support:

  • Open your email and compose an email.
  • In the Subject field, write “Request to Unblock My Fiewin Account” and make sure don’t put anything extra.
  • In the message field, write down a request to the Fiewin team [], tell them about your Fiewin account details, and also state that you have not violated any rules and policies of the Fiewin platform. Don’t forget to include your full name and the mobile number on which your Fiewin account is registered.
Solution to Fiewin Account Blocked – Fig.01

Once they’ll receive your request, they will unblock your Fiewin account, if you comply with Fiewin’s guidelines. Otherwise, they will send you an email with the reason why your Fiewin account was blocked.

Final Words

If you don’t receive any response from Fiewin’s email support, then you can message them on their social profiles. After following the institutions listed, we hope your Fiewin account will be unlocked and you will be able to make money in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I fix my Fiewin Account Blocked?

If your Fiewin account is blocked, then you can contact the Fiewin team via their mail support and forward the issue to their team. Once they investigate the issue, they will fix your blocked Firwin account.

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