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How to Get a Yahoo Email Address Without Phone Number?

How to Get a Yahoo Email Address Without Phone Number
How to Get a Yahoo Email Address Without Phone Number

You are asked to provide an email or phone number while signing up for a Yahoo account. It is done for security purpose, the creation of a bot account, and if you forget the password then this help in the account recovery process.

However, if you don’t prefer to share your personal details like phone numbers then there are many alternate methods to get a Yahoo email address without phone number. These methods are currenty working perfectly and allow you to maintain your privacy and also help you to avoid security risks.

To create a Yahoo email account without providing a phone number, you’ll have to utilize alternative verification methods to find a way where a phone number is not required. By using these alternative processes, you can bypass the need for a phone number and still create a Yahoo email account. Let’s see the complete process.

Working Methods to Create a Yahoo Account or Yahoo Email Address Without Phone Number?

There are two methods to create a Yahoo account or a Yahoo email address without phone number. These are the methods to get a Yahoo account without a phone number:

  • It is possible to use an alternate email address to create a Yahoo account.
  • You can use a virtual phone number to get through the verification processes so you don’t need an actual phone number during the Yahoo email registration.

Method 1: Create a Yahoo Email Account Without Phone Number Using an Alternate Email Address

With this method, you can use any alternative email address, for instance, Gmail. You can use a Gmail account to create a Yahoo account without having to ask for phone number verification.

How to Create a Yahoo Account with an Alternative Email Address?

The creation of a Yahoo account without a phone number is not a big deal for Google users. we can sign in to many websites automatically with the help of Google. This helps to link many accounts with Google, add encryption and security and you don’t need to remember too many passwords.

To create a Yahoo account with a Google account:

  1. Open the Yahoo website and click on the sign-in button located in the top right corner.
  1. In the sign-in box, you’ll find the Google logo at the bottom. Click on it.
Click on the Google Logo on the Yahoo Website-create-yahoo-email-address-without-phone-number.
  1. If your Google account is already signed in, you’ll be asked to confirm the Google account you want to use. If not, you’ll need to log in to your Google account.
Click on your Google Account to continue
  1. An interface opens where you need to provide your full name and birth year. Fill in this information and click “Next.”
Enter the details and click on
  1. At last, click “Done” at the bottom.
finally click on the DONE button

Now you can access your Yahoo account and start using it. If you don’t have a Google account, a Yahoo account is still created using other accounts like AOL Mail, ProtonMail, HubSpot, Apple Mail, iCloud, Hotmail, and Outlook. The process is the same as for Gmail.

Once done, you can start using Yahoo services right away. Creating a Yahoo account using another email won’t give you an email address. However, you can still use the Yahoo Inbox without having an address.

Any emails sent to the email address you used to set up the account will automatically be forwarded to your Yahoo Inbox.

Method 2: Create a Yahoo Email Without Phone Number Using the Virtual Number

You can also use this method as an alternative method. In this method, you will use a virtual number rather than your personal number. Virtual numbers can easily be available on multiple platforms. One of the most famous methods used to create Yahoo Email addresses without phone numbers is by using Recieve SMS Online websites.

However this may lead to security issues, so it is not recommended to use any Recieve SMS Online websites. So, what should you do, in that case? You can use Vyke to get a virtual number. It is more secure and recommended.

How to Create a Yahoo Account Using Vyke Virtual Phone Number?

Vyke is available on both on App Store for iOS and on Google Play Store for Android devices. After downloading the Vyke app, open it and follow the guidelines:

  1. When you first time launch the Vyke app, you will have to register your account. Simply enter your personal phone number in the field and tap on the Continue button. Don’t forget to select the right country format.
enter your phone number and click on Continue on the Vyke app
  1. You will receive a verification code on your phone number. Copy the code and paste the verification code into the field.
Enter the verification code into the field
  1. Next, you must accept the Vyke Terms and Conditions. Tap on the Accept button at the bottom.
Tap on the Accept on thge Vyke app
  1. Next, tap on GET NUMBER to avail yourself virtual number.
Tap on GET NUMBER button
  1. After that select your country, to get the virtual phone number of that country. Tap on Purchase with Google Play, and finally tap on the Buy button to complete the purchase.
Tap on Purchase with Google Playa and Tap on Buy

Once you have got your phone number, you will be redirected to your Vyke dashboard. Where you can see all the incoming SMS, calls, and everything. Now we are ready to create our Yahoo account using a virtual phone number.

  1. After that go to the Yahoo website and click on the Mail button icon.
On Yahoo click on Mail icon
  1. After that click on the Create an Account button.
Click on Create an Account on Yahoo
  1. Now fill out the complete information and click on the Continue button.
Fill out the required information and click on Continue button
  1. Now enter the virtual number that we have got from the Vyke app. Click on Send Code.
enter the Vuke virtual number and click on Send code
  1. Now go to your Vyke app and from there tap on the SMS option. And wait for the verification code. Once the verification code arrives, copy the code.
Select the SMS option on the Vyke app
  1. Just type the verification code into the Yahoo website and click on the Verify button.
Enter the verification code you got on Vyke app

Now you have created a fully working and secure Yahho email address of your own choice without the need for any phone number. The only downside of this method is that you have to pay for the virtual number fee on a monthly basis.


While it seems like creating a Yahoo account without a phone number is an easy task. However, it is complicated and sometimes may lead to privacy and security issues. So it’s recommended to use the official method of creating a Yahoo email address, which involves your own personal phone number.

There are very less reasons behind, why you should create a Yahoo account without a phone number. One reason is maybe you have already created many accounts on Yahoo using your personal phone number, and Yahoo does not allow you to create more accounts anymore on the same number.

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